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Core Objectives

The US-MAP Consortium’s core objectives represent its highest-priority perovskite research areas. By focusing on these areas, we aim to provide the largest and longest impacts on U.S.-based manufacturing of perovskites.

Science of Stability and Durability

Develop and provide well-defined perovskite specific accelerated test protocols, architecture and process-agnostic testing procedures, and independent outdoor and durability testing.

Effective Manufacturing Tools and Processes

Make tools and talent (i.e., staff) available and translate deep materials science and process expertise at national labs and universities to actual production lines.

In-Line Characterization and Metrology

Develop effective metrologies relevant to production-scale manufacturing.

Sustainable Circular Technology

Understand and provide solutions for sustainability and end-of-life issues such as leaching, recycling, and circularity.

Central Data Resource

Provide a secure, accessible, central, and adaptable resource.