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US-MAP leadership works toward the shared goal of accelerating the manufacturing of perovskite-based products in the United States.

Leadership Team

The US-MAP Consortium leadership team includes:

Joseph Berry
Director, US-MAP Consortium
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Center for Materials Science

Jao van de Lagemaat
Chief Operating Officer, US-MAP Consortium
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Center for Chemistry and Nanoscience

Laura Schelhas
Executive Director, US-MAP Consortium
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Hybrid and Nanoscale Chemistry

Michael Heben
Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization
University of Toledo, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Devin MacKenzie
Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
University of Washington, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Jinsong Huang
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Applied Physical Sciences

Executive Board

The executive board makes final decisions on the US-MAP research program and related matters, subject to oversight by the sponsors who fund those programs.

The executive board comprises one representative of each founding organizer plus an Industry Advisory Board representative. The chair of the executive board also is chair of the Industry Advisory Board. Members may be added to the executive board by consensus vote of the board as consortium needs change.

All US-MAP members engage in managing research and developing recommendations to the executive board via their participation in the Industry Advisory Board.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board reviews research performance; identifies needed research thrusts, capabilities, and topics; reviews and assists with evaluating project proposals; and recommends research projects for executive board selection.

Every industry member of US-MAP is represented by a single voting member on the Industry Advisory Board. US-MAP may create parallel advisory boards responsible for different programs when application areas are added.