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The US-MAP Consortium has a three-part organization that includes organizers, industry members, and capability providers.


Organizers provide operational leadership and host shared facilities. In addition, organizers:

  • Manage US-MAP interactions with funding sponsors
  • Organize and submit proposals, administer contracts, and execute related projects
  • Develop strategic capabilities and expand research infrastructure of value to industry members
  • Provide personnel with expertise in capabilities to support members' R&D projects
  • Provide links to user facilities in U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories to expand the scope of capabilities available to members.

Industry Members

The US-MAP Consortium launched with six domestic commercial innovators as founding industry members. Representatives of these companies form an industry advisory board to inform and guide research efforts. In addition, industry members:

  • Lead the consortium research agenda to ensure its impact on members' commercial success
  • Cooperate within the consortium framework to address precompetitive technical obstacles
  • Share economies of scale and credibility by collectively engaging with prospective supply-chain providers
  • Have preferential access to the benefits of their participation through NREL's legal infrastructure for intellectual property protection.

Membership is open to new members who are designated as a U.S. domestic company qualified to receive funding under federal programs.